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Motorhome Servicing

Caravan Repairs South West offer a full motorhome service, a chassis-only service, a habitational service, fridge service and gas pressure test.

The complete motorhome servicing checlklist can be seen to the right.
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Motorhome habitation servicing checklist

  • *Corner steadies & folding steps (where applicable) - check operation & lubricate
    *Underslung tanks and pipes - check condition & security

  • *Check that the leisure battery is being charged by the engine and mains charger
    *Fridge - check operation
    *Interior lighting & equipment - check operation
    *Leisure battery - check security, electrolyte level & lubricate terminals
    *Wiring earths & fuses - inspect condition & correct fuse rating
    *Electric awning & step - check condition and operation
    *External socket - check condition & operation

  • *Ventilation openings - check for obstructions and free flow of air
    *Adjustable ventilators - check for function
    *Roof lights - check to ensure free of obstructions

  • *DIY additions - check condition & operation
    *Smoke & CO alarms - check operation
    *If a fire extinguisher is fitted, check to ensure it is in date
    *Fire blanket (if fitted) - check location & fixing

  • *Inlet plug - inspect
    *Hook up cable - check if available
    *Earth bonding - test
    *Metal surfaces bonded - check
    *RCD operation - test
    *Socket outlets & permanent connections - carry out visual & functional check
    *Applicances fitted e.g. air conditioning - check operation

  • *Water pump - check operation and clean grit filter
    *Pressure switch - check operation
    *Heater - check operation
    *Taps, microswitch & valves - check condition and operation
    *Pipes & tank - check condition & operation
    *Water filter & housing - check for leaks & replace filter if necessary
    *Toilet - check seals, flush & blade operation
    *Drain down - unless advised not to

  • *Regulator - check performance
    *Carry out gas leak test
    *Pipe work & BBQ point - check operation & replace flexible hose and clips if necessary
    *Flame failure devices - check operation
    *LPG tank/cylinder - check security
    *Gas dispersal holes - check for blockage
    *Appliances, cooker - check flue & operation
    *Appliances, heating - check flue & operation
    *Appliances, fridge - check seal and operation
    *Appliances, water heater - check flue & operation

  • *Body panels - check
    *Door locks & hinges - check operation & lubricate
    *Body attachments - check security (including ladders, cycle racks, lockers, aerials, satellite dishes etc.)
    *Floor - check for delamination
    *Cab seat - check operation (swivel type or bed configuration only)
    *Furniture - check operation and condition (including hinges, stays, fridge catch, etc)
    *Window seals & blinds - check operation and condition
    *Rising roof - check operation (where applicable)
    *Damp test - carry out and note readings on a separate report